Who We Are

TAG5 was established in September 2008 to fill the void in our community for services available for all people with a disability and their families. One of the founders of TAG5, Germaine Arriagada recognized the needs in the community.


TAG5 services are designed to care and nurture all families who have members with a disability. Services include 48 hour and 5 day camps, in addition to a wide range of respite options for people with a disability. The ultimate goal for TAG5 is to be a respected and well-known nationwide organisation that is considered vital through providing world-class skilled programs and respite for people with a disability from all cultures. 


TAG5 have been delivering camps and activity days for the past 10 years and have taken more than 3000 children and young adults away on camps / activity days and recently introduced International and Domestic cruises.  We are experts at delivering an unforgettable experience to all participants.  The agreed objectives for the day-to-day activities are whenever possible, focused on sessions, and are used to not only impart specific knowledge and/or skill but to increase the confidence of the participants to carry these skills over into every day life. 


All TAG5 activities are strategically planned, structured and risk managed in accordance with Disability Services licence requirements and TAG5 values, mission, policies and procedures.