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TAG 5 are planning two domestic trips later this year, up north and down south, with the possibility of visiting the snow. If you think you would like to join us, please contact us.


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TAG 5 and Coronavirus (COVID-19)

With the growing concern of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, TAG 5 are taking this situation seriously. TAG 5 programs and camps are currently going ahead, however we are monitoring this on a daily basis.


The health and safety of you and our staff is our priority and have thus implemented the following precautions:


– If you/your child/participant is showing signs of illness, please do not attend TAG 5 camps and programs.


– If our staff notice any signs of illness TAG 5 reserve the right to deny participation in programs and camps and will not be held liable if you/your child/participant falls ill while on camp.


– TAG 5 are increasing hygiene precautions, hand sanitiser will be available and personal hygiene prompting will be increased.


– Any staff displaying signs of illness will not work until they recover.




What are the symptoms of Coronavirus?

A number of clinical symptoms have been identified in cases of the Coronavirus. The most common symptoms are:



How can I prevent getting Coronavirus?

The most effective way to prevent Coronavirus entering your body is washing your hands often and thoroughly. This means washing your hands with soap when you’ve been out and about and before you eat (and after you go to the toilet!).


This information is current as of 13/3/2020, the situation concerning Coronavirus may change, therefore it is important to stay aware of the latest information. For more information please visit the Queensland Health website.