Principle 1

Recognise the uniqueness of all human beings including those with a disability and that equality and respect are two basic human rights.


Principle 2

Support people with a disability by ensuring their dignity as individuals is consistently upheld.


Principle 3

Ensure the safety of all people with a disability so they are able to live their lives free from abuse, neglect, or exploitation.


Principle 4

Develop, maintain, and improve policies, programs and services for all people with a disability to encourage the individual capacities for physical, social, emotional, cultural and intellectual development.


Principle 5

Ensure strict confidentiality of all information provided to TAG5 by any person with a disability.


Principle 6

Ensure all services provided to people with a disability are supportive of full participation in society, their family unit and promote all rights and opportunities.


Principle 7

Deliver services to people with a disability that encourage grievances about services without fear of the services being discontinued or recrimination from service providers; support that enables them to pursue grievances about services; and support and access to information that allows them to participate in decisions affecting their lives.


Principle 8

To support people from culturally diverse backgrounds to access community services and to understand the cultural issues surrounding these services.