IMPACT Program

What is our IMPACT Program?

*Unfortunately due to Coronavirus our IMPACT program activities have been cancelled for the foreseeable future until further notice.*


The IMPACT program assists young people with a disability to make the life transitions from school to young adulthood. The program supports them to develop skills that enable them to participate in their local community and take on adult roles within their families.


Initially, our program will target specific life skills required for independent living. Other segments of this program will be implemented to ensure a holistic approach is taken with all participants.


Life Skills:

Shopping, cooking, love your laundry and personal hygiene.

Accessing Public Transport:

Understanding timetables, transport options and using online transport services.

Financial Skills:

Banking, budgeting and money management.

Healthy Lifestyles:

Promoting well-being through daily exercising, gym workouts and healthy eating.

Communication Skills:

Maintaining healthy relationships and appropriate language skills.

Job Seeking Skills:

Work experience and attending job networks.


The program is tailored for each client to ensure they reach their potential in each area thus enabling our clients the best chance of increasing their opportunities within the community.


Click here to view the current IMPACT Program Schedule for Term 1 2020 *Please note this schedule may be subject to change*